2004 NEWS

November 18, 2004
I finally seriously tried some challenges today and set some nice new times. All my old controllers have pretty worn out control sticks, so used a friend's controller to set these times. First of all, on the 13th I set an 11"2 Koopa 2 time. And, today I improved three times:
Slide without Shortcuts: 19"5
Princess's Secret Slide: 12"4
Koopa 1 Warp: 18"6
So I take back my WR from Myles, and once again, the warping time is faster than the non-warp time. Check out my new videos on the records page! I have to thank Myles for the extra dive after the triple jump, that was his idea, and it saves time.

November 16, 2004
2219 coins
Artemis64 of the GameFAQs SM64 forum informed me in this [now cached] topic that the coin counters only store values up to 255 (i.e. one byte). And, due to the new money bags glitch, Snowman's Land has an infinite number of coins. In the level, your coin count can go as high as 999, but the maximum score that can be saved is 255. Thus, I declare the new maximum coin score in the 15 courses to be 2219! It took me 2 hours to accomplish, and over 30 clones of money bags. The dumb part was that before this attempt, I had played for an hour and had about 20 clones -- and then died in the freezing water when I went to kill the spindrift in the water! (Arg, you make the stupidest mistakes when doing things like this.) Anyway, I did it on my capless/cannonless file (so I wasn't able to get the 20 coins frozen in ice), but once I finished getting 255, I made a copy of the file, and then got the 8 CC-less stars and the coins you need the cap/cannons for in Bob-omb Battlefield and Rainbow Ride. So, the new cc-less coin high is 2187. Now, should this score count under N64HS? That hasn't been decided yet, but I guess it'll just be up to the SM64 players to decide that.

November 10, 2004
It doesn't really seem like it, but two years have gone by since I first started this site. This site has expanded quite a bit in the last year, and now includes videos of the races. The traffic to this site has increased as well... the main page now has 1800 page views, compared to about 500 from last year. I think I may look into moving away from geocities soon. As always, I've been busy this year and I still have some stuff to do in SM64... like my long-overdue 70-star game run. I've been saying I'm going to do it for over a year and a half, so I'm going to try and get this done... maybe at Christmas time. Also, I haven't really played most of the challenges for a while; most of my records are from last year. I have started playing some of them again, and I'm pretty sure I can improve on most of them. As for world-records, Alex and Myles set some new WRs back in June, and Myles has continued to improve on his times. Andrew improved on the 80-coin slide time as well. I believe the only race which hasn't been improved on this year is CC-less Koopa 1! I wonder if it will be like that next year as well? Surely the records have to get maxed out sometime, right? Surely we know all the fastest strategies now, right?

Now, perhaps I should continue the tradition and award the "best new strategy of the year". Last year I thought it was Alex Penev's nice strategy "Blast to the Stone Pillar" without a cannon, simply because it was an easy strategy that accomplished what many players (besides Myles) couldn't do. Of course, I also mentioned the 50-star completion that gera2000 informed us about. (And then I extended that glitch to 31-stars.) I guess you could call that the best new glitch of this site's first year. So I'll have a "best new strategy" and "best new glitch" for this year as well... For the best new strategy, I'm going to have to say it is Myles Burkim's new slide strategy, which improved the world record to 12"4, and changed my personal record from 12"9 to 12"5. Other nice strategies were Myles' other non-shortcut slide strat (I believe it was his) and Dom Dunc's "enter the dry pipe" in Wet-Dry World, which doesn't improve any records, but is still an amazing strategy which accomplishes something that I thought was impossible.

And now, the best new glitch of the year. Well, on one hand you have the just-discovered money bags duplication glitch, which increases the known max coin score (!), but on the other hand, you have several glitches discovered by Dom Dunc... 16-star completion, get into the display aquarium, and even changing the water-level of the town in Wet-Dry World (finally proving why those fire-spitters don't work). But in my opinion, the best glitch from the last year is... the 16-star completion! This combination of glitches allows you to beat the game in less time than ever thought possible... with less than a quarter of the stars you are supposed to have! Quite insane! Now, I wonder what will be discovered during next year...

November 2, 2004
Well, this is the second update today, but this one is huge! A new glitch has been discovered that allows you to clone Money Bags in Snowman's Land, allowing 5 extra coins, and possibly even more! I created a new page just for this glitch!

November 2, 2004
Well, I finally put up real coin and item charts. These were already in my FAQ, but they look a lot better in HTML. In fact, those charts were one of the reasons why I wanted to start a webpage in the first place, so I don't know why they took me so long to put up! I kind of forgot about them actually...

Also newsworthy are Myles Bukrim's new records - he improves Koopa 2 by 0"1, which now puts him with a 1"0 lead over second place (Alex). He informs me he is aiming at under 10"0 for Koopa 2... that is fast! He also improves Koopa 2 without the shell by 0"2, taking the lead outright in that race as well. As for myself, I just started playing a little SM64 again recently; I think it's about time for some improvements...

October 11, 2004
Recently, I got a TV capture card for my computer, and so I made a couple of videos for some of my old times I had on tape. As well, Myles sent me two new videos of his times, both World Records. So, now every Koopa and Slide challenge has a video to go with it, and many of the videos are world record times. The best time I had taped for the Koopa 1 Warping challenge is a 0'19"7, which was a world record at the time, but was quickly surpassed by Alex and Pier-Yves. Even though it seems a lot slower now, it still shows the basic strategy used to get the best times. I've been busy (as usual) and haven't really played SM64 lately, and even though I planned out my 70-star game, I still haven't done it yet... Enjoy the new videos anyway!

July 29, 2004
I knew this day would come eventually, although I wasn't sure if it would be Alex or Myles who would beat my 0'18"9 Koopa 1 Capless/Cannonless Warping Time. Well, Myles takes the honour this time with a very impressive record! For a while my closest competitor was Alex with 0'19"6, and then Pier-Yves with 0'19"5, so I owned the record by a fairly large gap. Alex hasn't improved on this particular race in a while so I expect an improvement from him sometime in the future. As it stands now, Myles holds the record or is tied for the record in every race except Koopa 1 CC-less warpless, and the 70-star game time. Once again I find myself with other work to do, but currently I'm preparing for my first 70-star game run. After that, perhaps I can improve some other outdated times. Oh, and Daniel Hasting improved a bunch of his times as well, including collecting all the CC-less coins and a 0'12"4 on The Princess' Secret Slide! Nice work everybody!

In glitch news, the mastermind Dom Dunc has found out some really nice stuff in SM64 - including how to get inside the display aquariums by Jolly Roger Bay, and figured out how to get inside the town pipe in Wet-Dry World with the water low!! I tried that challenge numerous times and never managed it, but have now done it using his method. I had almost completely given up on that challenge. :( AWESOME work Dom! If you want explanations and videos of his glitches, make sure to check his website out at http://www.systemcrash.tk.

July 2, 2004
Thanks to the new strategy, I was able to set a set a time of 12"6 on June 31, and yesterday improved that to a 12"5. Can I make it down to Alex's 12"4? It might take a while, but I'm going to try... I like this strategy better than the old one, but it can be difficult to do everything perfectly.

June 30, 2004
In single a word: WOW. Out of nowhere Myles Burkim and Alex Penev set huge new records on times that were already thought to have been maxed out. Here's the rundown on new times:
Footrace with Koopa the Quick: Alex & Myles - 16"0 - Very nice time
Rematch with Koopa the Quick: Myles - 10"2 - FAST
The Princess' Secret Slide: An incredible new strategy was developed. Just wait until you see Myles' video! Alex - 12"4, Myles - 12"5
The Princess' Secret Slide Without Shortcuts: Alex & Myles - 19"4 - A nice new trick
Rematch With Koopa the Quick - No Shells: Alex & Myles - 13"2 - Good work here...
Not to be left behind, Andrew Kent retaliates with a very solid 20"4 in an 80-coin slide run. Simply incredible! The game's been out for nearly eight years and time is being cut from challenges already thought to be maxed! By the way, don't count me out of it just yet... I've got some free time now, and so you can expect a lot of improvements from me as well. Also, a very special thanks goes out to Myles Bukrim, who very generously created videos of some of his awesome races, and allowed me to upload them to some webspace. Check out his videos listed on the records page... I'm sure you'll enjoy them! And finally, David Gibbons has set a new 70-star speed record to beat the game. It's a large download, but a video is available here. Great work! A cool 16-star speed run by Brad Cutler is also available.

May 23, 2004
Because this coin is so special, I've created a new page all about this coin. I updated all the images and created a few new ones as well. Too bad nobody has figured out a way to get it yet... I've come pretty close, but not close enough! If you know of anyone who asks about the impossible coin, point them to this page and it should have all the info they need on it. The link is: http://www.geocities.com/sm64home/impossiblecoin.html.

May 11, 2004
During a press conference pre-show to this year's E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo), Nintendo revealed the "Nintendo DS". This new hardware is similar to the GameBoy Advance, but has two screens instead of one. A modified version of Super Mario 64 will be playable on this system, called "Super Mario 64 x4". Supposedly there will be both the 1-player game available, and a multiplayer version supporting up to four players. Pictures have shown Mario, Luigi, Wario, and Yoshi in a modified level outside of the castle (walking as well as flying), in Bob-omb Battlefield, and in a room with Bowser. Here's a sample shot of the game running on the DS. For more info on this game, check out Gamespot's coverage or IGN's coverage. This certainly looks like a very interesting addition to Super Mario 64!

May 10, 2004
If you thought beating the game with 31 stars was amazing, then now you'll be astonished! In fact, it is now possible to beat the game with a mere 16 stars! Discovered by Dom Dunc on the GameFAQs SM64 message board, you can view his actual topic [now archived] about it here. He is waiting until May 15th to reveal the details of his method, along with a video clip of the glitch. However, he gave a hint that the trick has to do with MIPS, the rabbit in the basement. With this information, I have also successfully beaten the game with 16 stars. I'll respect his wishes and not reveal anything until the 15th, although if you read the topic you'll probably be able to piece most of the secret together. Thinking back, it was only on March 16, 2003 when it was first revealed on the very same board by gera2000 that the game could be beaten with only 50 stars. Then on March 19, 2003, I discovered that this can be lowered to 31 stars, and I revealed my method on March 28, 2003. And now, over a year later, it is discovered that it can actually be beaten with 16 stars... A big congratulations and thanks goes out to Dom Dunc for sharing this knowledge with us. And I'll say it again... I still find it amazing that even after almost 8 years, more SM64 secrets are still being revealed. Awesome!

NOTE: You can check out Dom Dunc's glitch website at www.systemcrash.tk.

May 9, 2004
As you can see from the menu on the left, all the info pages for the 15 courses are now up. Within the pages you'll find a complete list of all 2092 coins in the 15 courses, as well as locations of many other items. It's the same info from my FAQ, but now I think it's organised better. Next, I'll try to complete all the info pages for the secret courses. As well, I'd like to add extra info such as enemy locations.

March 19, 2004
I first reached 0'19"7 on March 30, 2003... and it has taken me about a year to improve on that! I was starting to think that 0'19"6 was impossible... I guess I'm not the best slider. The following people currently have a non-shortcut time of 0'19"6: Myles Bukrim, Andrew Kent, Pier-Yves Lemire, Victor Lima, Alex Penev, and Chris Rayola. I spent the last couple days periodically practicing the slide over and over again. I was at the point where I was making 0'19"7 or 0'19"8 pretty much every time. Most of the time it was 0'19"8, but I even managed to get three 0'19"7 times in a row once. Over the course of this last year, I must have achieved several dozen 0'19"7 times... and now all that practising paid off. Anyway, until playing the slide this week, I hadn't played SM64 at all for a while. Now I'm reminded how good of a game it is! Perhaps next I'll improve my shortcut slide time; it still needs some work.

February 24, 2004
The next course info page is up. I'm not getting the pages up as quickly as I would like to, but I do promise they will all be up eventually. I may also make small changes in the format of the site in the future... but it won't change too much from the current layout.

February 17, 2004
The sixth course information page is now up. As well, I've uploaded gera2000's movie clip of him climbing the endless stairs to some alternate webspace, to help reduce this site's data transfer. On an occasion or two this site has been temporarily suspended for exceeding the maximum transfer.

February 16, 2004
My home Internet connection was down for the past two and a half weeks, so I wasn't able to make any updates on the site. Expect some more course information pages up soon...

January 4, 2004
The next info page is now up, and I've updated the first page a bit more. Hopefully getting the pages for the rest of the courses up won't take too long, as I already have all the information. I hope you all have a good new year.

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