Thanks for visiting www.sm64.com! This site was started on November 8, 2002, and was originally found at www.geocities.com/sm64home/. At first it was nothing more than a single page with a few pictures of the impossible/secret coins, but it slowly grew bigger with info about the courses and then race/slide videos. I felt that the site needed a bit of an update, and it was about time to move away from geocities. So I got to work updating the layout and moved it to some webspace on my university account, and got the sm64.com domain name, which currently redirects here. The site was officially moved over on June 29, 2005. At that time the main page of the geocities site had 3854 hits.

Right now a lot of the site content is the coin/item location stats that I put together a while ago. However, I am keeping up with the current slide/race world records, and have started the "Fastest Star Times" project, which I am currently working on. In the future, I also want to add pages about various challenges, and pages about some of the major glitches.

About how the site was designed: The new layout of the site is completely valid XHTML 1.0 Strict and uses CSS for layout. It has been tested and displays correctly in current browsers such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, Mozilla, Netscape and Konqueror. I had a bit of trouble getting the site to properly display in Internet Explorer, though. I first used floating to position the menu, but whenever the coin locations would scroll off the page, IE would push them down underneath the menu, creating a big gap in the page. I then made the menu have an absolute position, but for some reason IE would put the menu in the page content. This was fixed by including a left position, but then IE displayed the menu 2 pixels off from other browsers, and this was fixed by setting the body margin. Finally, for some crazy reason in IE, height is interpreted as min-height. With some trickery this can be gotten around using the fact that IE also doesn't support "!important". So... if you consider yourself any kind of a regular web surfer and are still using IE, it's time to get Firefox.

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions about the site, try e-mailing me.

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