Miscellaneous Info

A Button Challenge - Listing of the minimum number of times you must press A to get each star. You can now submit your own scores online!

Coin Chart - Table which lists the coin totals of every course.

Item Chart - Table which lists the item totals of every course.

The Backwards Long Jump - A little history on what has become a very well-known and well-abused glitch.

The Impossible Coin - A page about the "impossible coin" found in Tiny-Huge Island, which includes pictures and info about it.

70-Star Speed Run - A page dedicated to the 70-star speed run challenge which includes various star choices. There's also one for 16-Star Speed Runs.

Coin/Item Locations FAQ - A FAQ that I completed for GameFAQs which contains the coin / item locations for every course.

Topic Archive - A collection of saved topics from the GameFAQs Super Mario 64 message board, including all the 'Secrets' topics.

DivX video: Climbing the Endless Stairs - My movie demonstrating the backwards long jump and beating the game with 31 stars.

DivX video: Castle Roof Trick - My movie demonstrating how to get on the castle roof (from the right side) without using the cannon. You can also use the left side, but it's longer and more difficult.