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==Secrets of SM64== series

== The Secrets of Super Mario 64 == by Neo Ninja on May 15, 2003
In this glitch topic, many different SM64 glitches are discussed and new ones are discovered.

==The Secrets Of Super Mario 64 Revived== by CHOCLAIR5 on April 25, 2004
Continuation of the original "Secrets" topic, where Dom Dunc reveals major glitches that allow you to beat the game with 16 stars, get inside the displayed aquariums, get inside the Wet-Dry World pipe while it is dry, and change the water level inside the town to any height. Quite an impressive list!

==The Secrets Of Super Mario 64 III== by Dom Dunc on September 4, 2004
The third installment in the "Secrets" series, where even more glitches are discovered, some of them infinite coin glitches. First, I reported the money bags glitch on Nov. 2, discovered by "Schloosh!". Then, on Dec. 19, I mention my discoveries using a gameshark to bring Chuckya into the Wet-Dry World pipe. Dom Dunc says "I really want to find a way of doing this without a GameShark". On Dec. 20, I figure out how to bring Chuckya into water, but still can't get him into the pipe. Also, Dom Dunc finds out a way to bypass the loading zone of the pipe. On Feb. 2, Master Of Majora reveals an infinite coin trick in Tiny-Huge Island. Then, on Feb. 4, Dom Dunc finds a way to bring Chuckya into the WDW pipe! This creates another infinite coin glitch, and makes another cap/cannonless star possible.

==Secrets of SM64, Part 4== by Dom Dunc on February 5, 2005

==Secrets of SM64, Part 5== by Bullet Bill on August 13, 2005

==Secrets of SM64, Part 6== by Brightguy on June 23, 2006

Other interesting topics

Beating the game with 50 stars by gera2000 on March 16, 2003
In this topic, gera2000 reveals a glitch that allows the game to be beaten with only 50 stars. I then discover that I can beat the game with only 31 stars, and reveal my methods afterwards in the topic.

Beat the game with 16 stars! by Dom Dunc on May 10, 2004
In this topic, Dom Dunc reveals that he has discovered a method that allows him to beat the game with only 16 stars. He reveals this method 5 days later, after giving us some time to try and figure it out ourselves.

Sick New Footrace With Koopa The Quick Strategy by ShadowOfMyles on July 5, 2007
Myles reveals his incredible new strategy for the first Koopa race.