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Beating the game with 50 stars
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From: gera2000 | Posted: 3/16/2003 5:12:21 PM | Message Detail
Today my friend showed me a glitch to beat the game without needing to get 70 stars
-Get at least 50 stars and go the top of the castle to the infinite stairs.
-While on the stairs have Mario face down towards the camera.
-Do a long jump (run,Z+A) facing downstairs but moving the stick up so that Mario jumps back.
-Keep Z pressed while pressing A repeteadly as fast as you can and Mario will keep jumping back.
-If done right you will reach the top of the stairs even if you dont have 70 stars, you may need some practice tough
From: PabloX rulz | Posted: 3/16/2003 6:19:46 PM | Message Detail
Hmm.. Mostly fake, but it looks easy so I'll try it myself. Anyway, I can't belive programmers left such a glitch.
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From: gera2000 | Posted: 3/16/2003 8:34:40 PM | Message Detail
It's not fake, I've done it twice
Please someone try it and let me know if it worked
From: Jimbo007 | Posted: 3/16/2003 10:36:08 PM | Message Detail
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From: AlexPenev | Posted: 3/17/2003 2:45:13 AM | Message Detail
That's rather bizarre..
I wonder if it really works.
So much for beating the game in under 90 minutes with 70 stars. Should be able to do it in 25 minutes less now. Perhaps under 1 hours :)

From: AlexPenev | Posted: 3/17/2003 9:22:07 AM | Message Detail
I tried it. I does not work.
Not on my [PAL] cartridge, at least.
I can longjump backwards while facing down the stairs, and I clearly see the bottom of the stairs suddely popping up closer to me, because I passed some "hidden" line.

From: gera2000 | Posted: 3/17/2003 11:11:22 AM | Message Detail
Maybe it doesn´t work on the pal cart, but it does in my american one.
Remember, Mario must be facing down the stairs, but the camera must be facing UP THE STAIRS. Then long jump backwards real fast without changing the camera view. I'm pretty sure it works.
From: Brightguy | Posted: 3/17/2003 4:57:55 PM | Message Detail
I'll check in the NTSC version, but I don't see why there would be any difference.
From: Jimbo007 | Posted: 3/17/2003 9:17:03 PM | Message Detail
I tried it myself, it does not

I just happen to have a file with 50 stars and I tried for a long hard 20 minutes but to no avail.
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From: confuseussay | Posted: 3/17/2003 9:37:44 PM | Message Detail
Well Gera went from "I know it works" To "I am pretty sure it works". I call BS on this one.
From: Brightguy | Posted: 3/17/2003 10:03:37 PM | Message Detail
Sorry, but it doesn't work over here either. And I didn't have a file with under 70 stars so I had to start from scratch up to 50.
Arg... it would have been neat if it did work.
From: gera2000 | Posted: 3/17/2003 10:12:17 PM | Message Detail
This is not BS. I have no idea why it doesn't work for you. Maybe you are doing something wrong or i didn't explain it very well. I just did it again so i'll try to go it in more detail:

-Once you're on the room with the endless stairs, have Mario face towards the entrance door. Make sure that Mario has enough space to run towards the door. The camera must be facing to the stairs.

-Do a long jump towards the camera. While in the air, move the stick up. This will make the jump push Mario backwards. Do not release the Z button and keep the stick up all the time.

-Keep Z pressed an the stick up, and press A many times. Soon Mario should keep doing LONG JUMPS VERY FAST but moving backwards going up the stairs.

-If done right, there should be a moment where the camera will lose control of the view. You should be at the top immediatly.

It's not a long process and is done in just seconds. Hope it works now.

From: VBFan | Posted: 3/17/2003 11:38:19 PM | Message Detail
I just now tried that, and it didn't work, Mario just kept doing the backwards longjump up the stairs, and never reached the top.
From: gera2000 | Posted: 3/18/2003 8:16:18 AM | Message Detail
Well, after all maybe it doesn't work on all the carts. At least it does in mine and my friends one.
I wouldn't know why.
From: gera2000 | Posted: 3/18/2003 8:25:02 AM | Message Detail
Perhaps you're not pressing the A button with the right timing. When i do it mario starts longjumping backwards normally and suddenly he gains a lot of speed, still doing the jumps but he does it very fast (much faster than normally) and then is when the camera loses control.
From: Brightguy | Posted: 3/18/2003 4:09:10 PM | Message Detail
gera2000, when you are long-jumping on the stairs, does that "never-ending stairs" music ever start playing? Does it stop when you reach the top?
From: Nightcom | Posted: 3/18/2003 5:36:21 PM | Message Detail
Do you think you could tape this or something?
From: gera2000 | Posted: 3/18/2003 11:27:57 PM | Message Detail
I have uploaded a video that proves it here:
The file is about 2.3MB. The video quality is quite crappy tough. Anyway, you can see how i do the jumps and reach the top having 50 stars. This must clear any doubt that it works for me.
As for the music, yes the music of the endless stairs can be heard as Mario jumps, and stops when he reaches the top.
From: gimmick86 | Posted: 3/19/2003 3:04:08 AM | Message Detail
DUDE! how did u make the vid?
and i already believed u though.
From: gera2000 | Posted: 3/19/2003 10:18:51 AM | Message Detail
Argh!! Angelfire banned the file!
I just uploaded it in other site. I hope it won't get banned this time:
From: Nightcom | Posted: 3/19/2003 12:10:13 PM | Message Detail
Wow! Awesome work man! Congrats!

I think it was kinda dumb of penev and jimbo and others and say that it didn't work , how long did you guys try? 10 mins?...
From: Brightguy | Posted: 3/19/2003 3:05:44 PM | Message Detail
WOW! I have to try this one out... what a huge glitch!
This is probably the biggest SM64 news to come along for a while now. Great work, gera2000!

Although I tried it before and it wasn't working, hopefully it'll work now!
From: Brightguy | Posted: 3/19/2003 4:30:47 PM | Message Detail
Oh yeah! I finally got it working!

Thanks for the great glitch, I actually beat the game with exactly 50 stars... the credits are rolling now. :)
From: Brightguy | Posted: 3/19/2003 7:15:07 PM | Message Detail
Actually, thanks to this glitch I think I just set a new world record... I re-started another file and beat the game again, this time with a mere 31 stars!

Don't you just love this game... you always have something new you can learn. Who would have thought you can climb the endless stairs? :-)
From: AlexPenev | Posted: 3/19/2003 7:23:05 PM | Message Detail
I didn't even try 10 mins, I tried less. But I started jumping from somewhere high up the stairs, not at the bottom, maybe that could have affected it.

It's quite interesting. Where did you friend find out about it, gera2000?

From: gera2000 | Posted: 3/19/2003 7:34:52 PM | Message Detail
Great! i'm glad to hear it finally worked for you.
Hey Brightguy, how could you beat the game with 31 stars if you need at least 50 to reach the stairs. Am i missing something here?
My friend didn't tell me how he learned it. I'll ask when i see him.

From: Nightcom | Posted: 3/19/2003 8:59:40 PM | Message Detail
Actually, thanks to this glitch I think I just set a new world record... I re-started another file and beat the game again, this time with a mere 31 stars!

Hahahaha, dumb liar. You can't get into that room unless you have 50 stars DUH!!

From: Brightguy | Posted: 3/19/2003 11:01:20 PM | Message Detail
>Nightcom wrote:
Hahahaha, dumb liar. You can't get into that room unless you have 50 stars DUH!!

Exactly why I called it a possible "world record" -- lowest # of stars after beating final bowser. There is a way you can get up there, although I'm not sure if some of the SM64 "masters" know about it. There are a few glitches and things that are kept fairly secret... Like getting to very top of tower with 0 stars, or the Chuckya glitch in Tiny-Huge Island (which I discovered how to do a while ago), and maybe other secret tricks...

Anyhow, I suppose Alex Penev could probably half his current record total game time of 1 hour 27 minutes with this "shortcut". :)
From: Nightcom | Posted: 3/19/2003 11:14:08 PM | Message Detail
You said new world record not possible world record
From: AlexPenev | Posted: 3/19/2003 11:48:28 PM | Message Detail
I don't know how to get up there with only 31 stars. Do you you go past the 50-star door?

Yeah, 20 stars less means around 25 minutes less, if you remove all the 1+ minute stars.

Doing the trick itself might slow me down several minutes, but the tradeoff is obviously worth it.. unless it takes me over 20 minutes, haha. Actually this kinda spoils a lot. The idea is to pick the best 70 stars, not the best 50 =/

From: Nightcom | Posted: 3/20/2003 12:12:17 AM | Message Detail
How do you know your time? You use a stopwatch?
From: AlexPenev | Posted: 3/20/2003 1:12:47 AM | Message Detail
Timing is different.. from starting the file to the words "The End" at the end of the credits.
This includes 56 seconds of footage at the beginning, and about 5.5 minutes of credits.

From: AlexPenev | Posted: 3/20/2003 10:13:18 AM | Message Detail
Actually, that was quite easy to do (thanks for the video, all makes sense now).
I missed the part about keep Z pressed, so I screwed myself up all the time by mistiming my long jumps. Then I figured out "hey, keep Z pressed and tap A like mad", and come back here to read that it was written this way the whole time. =)

Anywho, after not too long, I beat the game in 1:07:10.
I was a bit rusty (and too used to SMS controls), so I didn't do all the stars insanely quick. I took out the Vanish Cap Palace altogether (so I couldn't get 3 certains stars I normally would). I skipped 4 stars from Jolly and 3 from Dire which I would otherwise get. These are the one I did get (condensed):

BobOmb (3) - Summit, Chain Chomp, Island in the Sky | Cool (3) - Slide, Li'l Penguin, Wall Kicks | Whomp's (5) - Chip Off, Wild Blue, Tower, Owl, Blast Away.. | Jolly (1) - Chests in the cave | Secret Aquarium (1) | Secret Slide (2) | Tower of the Wing Cap (1) | Bowser in the Dark World (1) - red coins | MIPS (1) | Shifting (2) - In the Talons.., Shining Atop.. | Lethal (5) - Bully, Bullies, 8 red, Log, Volcano (elevator one) | Hazy (4) - Swimming Beast.., A-mazing.., Navigating.., Watch for Falling.. | Toad (1) | Dire (1) - Sub.. | Big Boo's (1) - haunted books | Wet-Dry (3) - Shocking.., Express Elevator.., Top O' .. | Tiny-Huge (4) - Pluck the Pirahna.., Tip Top.., Rematch.., Five Itty Bitty.. | Toad (1) | Tall Tall (5) - Scale.., Scary.., Mysterious.., Breathtaking.., Blast.. | Snowman's (5) - all except the igloo.. but enter the igloo to open up the cannon anyway

Yeah, anyway, so _why_ does the door to the staircase open when it says you need "70 stars to open this door"?? Teeheehee..

So.. is the game beatable in under 1 hour? Probably not if you time it the way I do. But yes, if you exclude the time it takes to enter the castle and exclude the end credits.

La la la, new discoveries are fun.

From: Jimbo007 | Posted: 3/20/2003 7:00:41 PM | Message Detail
OK, this video is acting incredibly stupid, it STOPS half way through after buffering like 15 times!
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From: AlexPenev | Posted: 3/20/2003 7:52:46 PM | Message Detail
Video was fine for me.
Just face the camera (face down the stairs, camera looking up), press and hold Z, and tap A repeatedly to keep jumping (tap it even when you're in the air).

From: Nightcom | Posted: 3/20/2003 8:11:05 PM | Message Detail
Yup, even I got it to work Jimbo :P... Hmm I was 4th in the world? Wheeee~~ heh..

Awesome that something new was discovered now though! Thanks again man.
From: AlexPenev | Posted: 3/20/2003 11:13:06 PM | Message Detail
Maybe gera2000's friend had found out about it from someone else, so it's not known how many people could possibly know it.

Or maybe he found it on his own, which would be worth a brownie point.

From: Yusuke Yurameshi911 | Posted: 3/21/2003 6:49:54 AM | Message Detail
Somebody needs to make a Glitch FAQ soon....
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From: gera2000 | Posted: 3/21/2003 12:33:34 PM | Message Detail
I finally asked my friend, and he lend me the source from where he learned it. It's an official mexican gaming magazine called "Club Nintendo" issue of November 2000. Here's a scan of it:
So after all this has been known for a while.
From: Nightcom | Posted: 3/21/2003 1:39:02 PM | Message Detail
Whoa, cool =)!
From: Jimbo007 | Posted: 3/21/2003 4:56:19 PM | Message Detail
Finally got it to work, and made a video of my own to show my friend with :)

Easy way to make money...nevermind
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From: AlexPenev | Posted: 3/21/2003 8:19:55 PM | Message Detail
Dang, it sucks when things are published, then lots of people know about it.

From: Asho | Posted: 3/21/2003 9:06:14 PM | Message Detail
I've been collecting and reading that magazine since april 1998 (I live in Mexico BTW. And I'm Mexican. How's my English?), and I once tried to do it... I failed. They said to press A as soon as you land.
They don't publish fake info unless it's a mistake and they always apologize. They're great.
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From: AlexPenev | Posted: 3/22/2003 12:20:00 PM | Message Detail
Your English is just fine.
On the plus side, hopefully nobody outside Mexico read that particular magazine =)

From: progamer789 | Posted: 3/23/2003 6:08:10 PM | Message Detail
dude, that site doesnt work either.
doh doh doh doh doh doh im homer...
From: blackstar | Posted: 3/24/2003 3:21:16 AM | Message Detail
Wow, a break through discovery of someone noticing a glitch that happened many years ago. Gera2000, thanks for notifying us; we gladly appreciate it. If this glitch havn't been publisized and was discovered here, it would make a big impact in our board, just like the two secret coins discovered my Joshua last year.
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From: the cool | Posted: 3/24/2003 10:55:03 AM | Message Detail
Woah! I tried this, and Mario was going REAL fast. Suddenly, the screen was swallowed up by darkness and Mario was warped to wet-dry world!
*puts on sunglasses* Now do I look cool?
From: thejapanesebuzzsaw | Posted: 3/27/2003 3:50:20 PM | Message Detail
Holy crap it does work! I thought this was crap, I've been trying to do it for the past half hour and finally did it... I tried doing what you said and I guess misunderstood...

1- Have Mario stand at the base of the steps, and face towards the door...
2- Have the camera aiming towards Mario (facing towards the stairs)
3- Now press down on the analog stick and quickly hold down Z and tap A, to perform a long.
4- While still in the air press up on the analog stick (while still holding Z) and start tapping (non-stop) A button.
5- You will perform short long jumps and will be near the top of the stairs...

Now that's my version of the directions. And when I say "tapping (non-stop)" I don't mean holding it down...

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From: thejapanesebuzzsaw | Posted: 3/27/2003 6:45:15 PM | Message Detail
Whoa... I just tried the trick on door that needs 50 stars to be entered... and I was able to get through with 40 stars... that... is so... cool...

"I had a girlfriend named Faith once. She cheated on me... with a girl named Chastity."
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From: gera2000 | Posted: 3/27/2003 7:40:46 PM | Message Detail
Wow, this topic is still alive!
It's cool that everyone is getting it working.
BTW, in the magazine it says that when you do this, you'll sometimes get warped to another world, just like thecool pointed out getting warped to wetdry world, this hasn't happened to me, does it to someone else?
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