The Chuckya Glitch

My current capless/cannonless file:
113 cc-less stars

Thanks to Dom Dunc for figuring out how to bring Chuckya into the Wet-Dry World pipe! By swimming between the town and the main area, Chuckya will transform into various items from the level. After cycling through a lot of items (e.g. a couple of metal and vanish cap blocks - transparent in this case), I finally got the star. Check out his post at the ending of this [now archived] topic on the GameFAQs SM64 board for his explanation, as well as a video.

Now, the question becomes: is 113 a legal score? I'm not sure if this glitch will be accepted over at N64HS...

UPDATE: Yep, the glitch was banned at N64HS, as well as the piranha plant coin glitch.