Bob-omb Battlefield
Big Bob-omb On The Summit
June 2, 2007
ShadowOfMyles YouTube48.73100 points
Filimonas YouTube51.5385 points
Brightguy Video51.9570 points
mr_roberts_z YouTube53.3355 points
thiago_trujillo YouTube53.7640 points
ameba2 YouTube54.5025 points
Winshendu YouTube58.8310 points
Footrace With Koopa The Quick
June 7, 2007
Filimonas YouTube1:19.87100 points
ShadowOfMyles YouTube1:20.1485 points
thiago_trujillo YouTube1:20.3070 points
mr_roberts_z YouTube1:20.9755 points
Brightguy Video1:23.6240 points
Winshendu YouTube1:23.9725 points
ameba2 YouTube1:52.7310 points
Shoot To The Island In The Sky
June 12, 2007
Filimonas YouTube20.27100 points
ShadowOfMyles YouTube20.3782 points
thiago_trujillo YouTube20.3782 points
mr_roberts_z YouTube20.6982 points
ameba2 YouTube21.0028 points
Brightguy Video21.0828 points
Find The 8 Red Coins
June 17, 2007
ShadowOfMyles YouTube52.30100 points
Filimonas YouTube52.7782 points
Brightguy Video55.3064 points
thiago_trujillo YouTube59.0046 points
ameba2 YouTube1:00.0328 points
mr_roberts_z YouTube1:00.1328 points
Mario Wings To The Sky
June 25, 2007
ShadowOfMyles YouTube32.87100 points
Filimonas YouTube32.90100 points
thiago_trujillo YouTube34.9064 points
Brightguy Video35.2046 points
mr_roberts_z YouTube35.5328 points
ameba2 YouTube36.8310 points
Behind Chain Chomp's Gate
July 1, 2007
Filimonas YouTube14.13100 points
ShadowOfMyles YouTube14.9778 points
mr_roberts_z YouTube15.4755 points
Brightguy Video15.8833 points
thiago_trujillo YouTube16.7010 points
Bob-omb Battlefield 100 Coins
July 6, 2007
ShadowOfMyles YouTube2:18.37100 points
Brightguy Video2:28.0378 points
thiago_trujillo YouTube2:35.9055 points
Filimonas YouTube2:51.0033 points
mr_roberts_z YouTube2:53.7410 points
Castle Secret Stars
The Princess's Secret Slide
July 13, 2007
ShadowOfMyles YouTube24.90100 points
Filimonas YouTube25.0382 points
mr_roberts_z YouTube25.1082 points
SoulRivers YouTube25.2046 points
thiago_trujillo YouTube25.2046 points
Brightguy Video25.7910 points
The Princess's Secret Slide Under 21"0
July 18, 2007
ShadowOfMyles YouTube20.60100 points
SoulRivers YouTube20.60100 points
Filimonas YouTube20.6764 points
mr_roberts_z YouTube20.6764 points
thiago_trujillo YouTube20.7328 points
Brightguy Video20.8128 points
Whomp's Fortress
Chip Off Whomp's Block
July 23, 2007
ShadowOfMyles YouTube29.47100 points
Filimonas YouTube29.9385 points
mr_roberts_z YouTube29.9785 points
thiago_trujillo YouTube30.7355 points
SoulRivers YouTube31.4340 points
ameba2 YouTube31.4740 points
Brightguy Video32.3710 points
To The Top Of The Fortress
July 28, 2007
ShadowOfMyles YouTube14.90100 points
mr_roberts_z YouTube15.9085 points
Silent_Slayers YouTube15.9085 points
Filimonas YouTube16.4385 points
thiago_trujillo16.0040 points
Brightguy Video16.8540 points
ameba2 YouTube16.9340 points
Shoot Into The Wild Blue
August 3, 2007
ShadowOfMyles YouTube10.77100 points
mr_roberts_z YouTube10.83100 points
thiago_trujillo YouTube10.90100 points
Filimonas YouTube10.93100 points
ameba2 YouTube11.1749 points
Swordless Link YouTube11.2249 points
Brightguy Video11.2749 points
SoulRivers YouTube11.7310 points
Red Coins On The Floating Isle
August 9, 2007
ShadowOfMyles YouTube30.83100 points
Filimonas YouTube30.90100 points
mr_roberts_z YouTube31.6764 points
SoulRivers YouTube31.8064 points
thiago_trujillo YouTube32.2728 points
Brightguy Video33.4310 points
Fall Onto The Caged Island
August 15, 2007
ShadowOfMyles YouTube12.87100 points
mr_roberts_z YouTube15.0787 points
SM64Parkour YouTube16.1074 points
SoulRivers YouTube16.1374 points
thiago_trujillo YouTube16.8049 points
Brightguy Video18.0936 points
ssbm1221 YouTube18.3336 points
slayzerx YouTube24.8710 points
Blast Away The Wall
August 21, 2007
ShadowOfMyles YouTube8.93100 points
mr_roberts_z YouTube10.7382 points
Filimonas YouTube10.7782 points
thiago_trujillo YouTube11.3746 points
Brightguy Video20.9228 points
SM64Parkour YouTube23.9710 points
Whomp's Fortress 100 Coins
August 27, 2007
ShadowOfMyles YouTube56.53100 points
Brightguy Video1:03.7382 points
SM64Parkour YouTube1:08.2064 points
thiago_trujillo1:14.0046 points
mr_roberts_z YouTube1:14.7746 points
slayzerx YouTube2:15.4710 points
Castle Secret Stars
The Secret Aquarium
September 4, 2007
ShadowOfMyles YouTube42.53100 points
thiago_trujillo YouTube43.3078 points
Brightguy Video44.0055 points
ameba2 YouTube45.7333 points
mr_roberts_z Video49.7033 points
Jolly Roger Bay
Plunder In The Sunken Ship
September 12, 2007
ShadowOfMyles YouTube56.33100 points
ameba2 YouTube1:00.4382 points
Brightguy Video1:02.3964 points
thiago_trujillo YouTube1:04.1046 points
mr_roberts_z YouTube1:06.9328 points
z_qwerty123 YouTube1:58.0310 points
Can The Eel Come Out To Play?
September 23, 2007
mr_roberts_z YouTube35.37100 points
ShadowOfMyles YouTube36.3078 points
thiago_trujillo YouTube36.9755 points
Filimonas YouTube37.9033 points
Brightguy43.2710 points
Treasure Of The Ocean Cave
October 1, 2007
ShadowOfMyles YouTube41.77100 points
Filimonas YouTube42.8382 points
Brightguy Video44.4864 points
mr_roberts_z YouTube45.1346 points
thiago_trujillo YouTube45.1346 points
ameba2 YouTube45.3046 points
Red Coins On The Ship Afloat
October 9, 2007
Silent_Slayers YouTube1:04.72100 points
thiago_trujillo YouTube1:08.2455 points
ameba2 YouTube1:10.9610 points
Blast To The Stone Pillar
October 24, 2007
mr_roberts_z YouTube15.28100 points
ShadowOfMyles YouTube15.36100 points
Silent_Slayers YouTube16.1664 points
thiago_trujillo YouTube16.3664 points
Filimonas YouTube18.0028 points
ameba2 YouTube18.6810 points
Through The Jet Stream
October 29, 2007
mr_roberts_z YouTube20.80100 points
ShadowOfMyles YouTube20.84100 points
thiago_trujillo YouTube21.0850 points
ameba2 YouTube24.8410 points
Jolly Roger Bay 100 Coins
November 3, 2007
thiago_trujillo YouTube2:05.80100 points
mr_roberts_z YouTube2:07.8755 points
Cool, Cool Mountain
Slip Slidin' Away
November 11, 2007
ShadowOfMyles YouTube25.97100 points
thiago_trujillo YouTube26.7378 points
ameba2 YouTube27.2755 points
mr_roberts_z YouTube27.7733 points
z_qwerty123 YouTube47.7310 points
Li'l Penguin Lost
November 18, 2007
ShadowOfMyles YouTube18.77100 points
thiago_trujillo YouTube19.2078 points
mr_roberts_z YouTube19.3778 points
ameba2 YouTube19.4778 points
bobmario511 YouTube36.4010 points
Big Penguin Race
November 25, 2007
ShadowOfMyles YouTube50.67100 points
mr_roberts_z YouTube51.7378 points
thiago_trujillo YouTube51.8078 points
ssbm1221 YouTube52.1378 points
bobmario511 YouTube1:03.9310 points
Frosty Slide For 8 Red Coins
December 5, 2007
ShadowOfMyles YouTube42.17100 points
Brightguy Video44.6370 points
thiago_trujillo YouTube46.7340 points
bobmario511 YouTube1:09.8310 points
Snowman's Lost His Head
December 16, 2007
mr_roberts_z YouTube36.10100 points
ShadowOfMyles YouTube36.47100 points
thiago_trujillo YouTube36.70100 points
Bottles704 YouTube36.80100 points
ameba2 YouTube36.93100 points
bobmario511 YouTube39.5310 points
Wall Kicks Will Work
December 22, 2007
mr_roberts_z YouTube10.95100 points
ShadowOfMyles YouTube11.1782 points
ameba2 YouTube11.4782 points
thiago_trujillo YouTube11.6382 points
Bottles704 YouTube12.1028 points
bobmario511 YouTube21.0010 points
Cool, Cool Mountain 100 Coins
December 30, 2007
ShadowOfMyles YouTube58.73100 points
thiago_trujillo YouTube1:04.8778 points
mr_roberts_z YouTube1:08.8755 points
ameba2 YouTube1:13.3333 points
bobmario511 YouTube1:31.1310 points
Castle Secret Stars
Tower Of The Wing Cap
January 14, 2008
ShadowOfMyles YouTube19.63100 points
thiago_trujillo YouTube20.8382 points
mr_roberts_z YouTube21.4364 points
sm64pro YouTube22.0046 points
SoulRivers YouTube22.4746 points
bobmario511 YouTube23.1346 points
Big Boo's Haunt
Go On A Ghost Hunt
January 26, 2008
thiago_trujillo YouTube1:00.80100 points
mr_roberts_z1:02.0078 points
Filimonas YouTube1:02.9078 points
SoulRivers YouTube1:05.6333 points
sm64pro YouTube1:07.2010 points
Ride Big Boo's Merry-Go-Round
February 7, 2008
Filimonas YouTube36.77100 points
Brightguy Video38.4790 points
mr_roberts_z YouTube38.8390 points
thiago_trujillo YouTube38.9090 points
ameba2 YouTube39.3760 points
Bottles704 YouTube40.4750 points
SoulRivers YouTube40.6350 points
ennopp112 YouTube40.7350 points
bobmario511 YouTube41.6020 points
sm64pro YouTube46.5010 points
Secret Of The Haunted Books
February 25, 2008
Silent_Slayers YouTube12.10100 points
mr_roberts_z YouTube12.20100 points
Bottles704 YouTube12.27100 points
_Stun_ YouTube12.40100 points
Filimonas YouTube12.53100 points
SoulRivers YouTube12.57100 points
thiago_trujillo YouTube12.80100 points
ameba2 YouTube12.97100 points
sm64pro YouTube13.16100 points
bobmario511 YouTube13.33100 points
duksandfish YouTube13.57100 points
ennopp112 YouTube15.6318 points
mapler90210 YouTube15.7018 points
Seek The 8 Red Coins
March 4, 2008
Filimonas YouTube58.93100 points
SoulRivers YouTube1:01.5287 points
ennopp112 YouTube1:04.6774 points
sm64pro YouTube1:05.3261 points
mr_roberts_z YouTube1:05.4861 points
thiago_trujillo YouTube1:05.6061 points
ameba2 YouTube1:11.6423 points
duksandfish YouTube1:18.7710 points
Big Boo's Balcony
March 15, 2008
Filimonas YouTube29.84100 points
SoulRivers YouTube30.9682 points
_Stun_ YouTube31.8864 points
thiago_trujillo YouTube33.6046 points
ennopp112 YouTube35.8428 points
ameba2 YouTube36.9610 points
Eye To Eye In The Secret Room
April 18, 2008
Filimonas YouTube28.30100 points
ennopp112 YouTube29.3378 points
ameba2 YouTube30.9355 points
SoulRivers YouTube30.9355 points
Sammehboy2 YouTube33.7010 points
Big Boo's Haunt 100 Coins
April 26, 2008
Filimonas YouTube1:26.97100 points
ameba2 YouTube1:49.3010 points
Castle Secret Stars
Bowser In The Dark World
May 6, 2008
Filimonas YouTube55.90100 points
Silent_Slayers YouTube56.4055 points
ameba2 YouTube1:02.6310 points
Bowser Courses (no star)
Bowser In The Dark World
May 19, 2008
Silent_Slayers YouTube29.80100 points
Filimonas YouTube30.2755 points
ennopp112 YouTube30.7010 points
Castle Secret Stars
Vanish Cap Under The Moat
June 6, 2008
Filimonas YouTube31.97100 points
Silent_Slayers YouTube34.6355 points
mr_roberts_z YouTube38.6310 points
Hazy Maze Cave
Swimming Beast In The Cavern
June 20, 2008
Filimonas YouTube16.80100 points
ennopp112 YouTube17.5078 points
Sammehboy2 YouTube17.7778 points
ameba2 YouTube17.9078 points
PhickSniper YouTube18.1778 points
Elevate For 8 Red Coins
July 4, 2008
Filimonas YouTube1:03.16100 points
ameba2 YouTube1:03.5010 points
Metal-Head Mario Can Move!
July 16, 2008
ameba2 YouTube26.76100 points
ennopp112 YouTube27.00100 points
Blazesoul13 YouTube27.1210 points
Navigating The Toxic Maze
July 22, 2008
Filimonas YouTube36.93100 points
ameba2 YouTube37.70100 points
A-Maze-ing Emergency Exit
July 28, 2008
Silent_Slayers YouTube11.34100 points
ennopp112 YouTube11.67100 points
Blazesoul13 YouTube11.77100 points
thiago_trujillo YouTube11.77100 points
ameba2 YouTube11.84100 points
Filimonas YouTube11.94100 points
Watch For Rolling Rocks
August 3, 2008
Filimonas YouTube15.58100 points
Blazesoul13 YouTube15.81100 points
ameba2 YouTube15.88100 points
ennopp112 YouTube15.91100 points
Hazy Maze Cave 100 Coins
August 9, 2008
Filimonas YouTube2:06.52100 points
ameba2 YouTube2:19.8010 points
Castle Secret Stars
Cavern Of The Metal Cap
August 15, 2008
Filimonas YouTube20.92100 points
Blazesoul13 YouTube22.7210 points
Lethal Lava Land
Boil The Big Bully
August 21, 2008
Filimonas YouTube18.91100 points
ameba2 YouTube19.6570 points
Silent_Slayers YouTube19.8070 points
Blazesoul13 YouTube19.9870 points
Bully The Bullies
August 27, 2008
ameba2 YouTube24.95100 points
sm64pro YouTube25.7910 points
8-Coin Puzzle With 15 Pieces
September 2, 2008
Blazesoul13 YouTube14.93100 points
ameba2 YouTube14.98100 points
sm64pro YouTube15.1840 points
Kyman14 YouTube15.3540 points
Red-Hot Log Rolling
September 10, 2008
Blazesoul13 YouTube12.89100 points
ameba2 YouTube12.94100 points
Kyman14 YouTube13.1055 points
sm64pro YouTube13.7255 points
TheUltimateKoopa YouTube30.0310 points
Hot-Foot-It Into The Volcano
September 17, 2008
ameba2 YouTube23.89100 points
mr_roberts_z YouTube25.0310 points
Elevator Tour In The Volcano
September 23, 2008
ameba2 YouTube21.65100 points
Silent_Slayers YouTube21.76100 points
mr_roberts_z YouTube21.85100 points
Blazesoul13 YouTube21.86100 points
Lethal Lava Land 100 Coins
September 29, 2008
ameba2 YouTube1:15.00100 points
Shifting Sand Land
In The Talons Of The Big Bird
October 11, 2008
Blazesoul13 YouTube16.64100 points
ameba2 YouTube17.1555 points
sm64pro YouTube17.6455 points
Shining Atop The Pyramid
October 20, 2008
Silent_Slayers YouTube6.96100 points
mr_roberts_z YouTube7.1370 points
Kyman14 YouTube7.2970 points
sm64pro YouTube7.7170 points
Inside The Ancient Pyramid
November 5, 2008
Blazesoul13 YouTube27.83100 points
Filimonas YouTube30.7010 points
Stand Tall On The Four Pillars
November 17, 2008
ameba2 YouTube55.25100 points
Brightguy Video57.9910 points
Free Flying For 8 Red Coins
December 3, 2008
Brightguy Video