Whomp's Fortress
Chip Off Whomp's Block
July 23, 2007
ShadowOfMyles YouTube29.47100 points
Filimonas YouTube29.9385 points
mr_roberts_z YouTube29.9785 points
thiago_trujillo YouTube30.7355 points
SoulRivers YouTube31.4340 points
ameba2 YouTube31.4740 points
Brightguy Video32.3710 points
To The Top Of The Fortress
July 28, 2007
ShadowOfMyles YouTube14.90100 points
mr_roberts_z YouTube15.9085 points
Silent_Slayers YouTube15.9085 points
Filimonas YouTube16.4385 points
thiago_trujillo16.0040 points
Brightguy Video16.8540 points
ameba2 YouTube16.9340 points
Shoot Into The Wild Blue
August 3, 2007
ShadowOfMyles YouTube10.77100 points
mr_roberts_z YouTube10.83100 points
thiago_trujillo YouTube10.90100 points
Filimonas YouTube10.93100 points
ameba2 YouTube11.1749 points
Swordless Link YouTube11.2249 points
Brightguy Video11.2749 points
SoulRivers YouTube11.7310 points
Red Coins On The Floating Isle
August 9, 2007
ShadowOfMyles YouTube30.83100 points
Filimonas YouTube30.90100 points
mr_roberts_z YouTube31.6764 points
SoulRivers YouTube31.8064 points
thiago_trujillo YouTube32.2728 points
Brightguy Video33.4310 points
Fall Onto The Caged Island
August 15, 2007
ShadowOfMyles YouTube12.87100 points
mr_roberts_z YouTube15.0787 points
SM64Parkour YouTube16.1074 points
SoulRivers YouTube16.1374 points
thiago_trujillo YouTube16.8049 points
Brightguy Video18.0936 points
ssbm1221 YouTube18.3336 points
slayzerx YouTube24.8710 points
Blast Away The Wall
August 21, 2007
ShadowOfMyles YouTube8.93100 points
mr_roberts_z YouTube10.7382 points
Filimonas YouTube10.7782 points
thiago_trujillo YouTube11.3746 points
Brightguy Video20.9228 points
SM64Parkour YouTube23.9710 points
Whomp's Fortress 100 Coins
August 27, 2007
ShadowOfMyles YouTube56.53100 points
Brightguy Video1:03.7382 points
SM64Parkour YouTube1:08.2064 points
thiago_trujillo1:14.0046 points
mr_roberts_z YouTube1:14.7746 points
slayzerx YouTube2:15.4710 points